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Anatomy Of A Vintage Panerai MARINA MILITARE...

Anatomy Of A Vintage Panerai

Reference 6152/1 Made in the 1940s
17 Jewel Rolex Movement with 8MM Rolex Brevet Crown

Today we are going to closely examine a stunningly beautiful vintage Panerai that was made in the late 1940s for the Italian Royal Navy. This watch has the Italian Royal Navy designation on the Dial which reads: "MARINA MILITARE." In case you are not familiar with the vintage Panerai watches with the "MARINA MILITARE" designation on the dial, they were made for the Italian Royal Navy, and lack any kind of "Panerai" designation on the entire watch. In other words, this watch is 100% pure Panerai, it just does not say so on the watch.

All the photos in this article were taken by Matthew Bain, and they showcase a very, very rare vintage Panerai model which has a "MM" engraving on the back, with a military issue number.

It appears that all the parts on this watch are original. Notice the hands have an interesting patina where they have oxidized over time and the hour hand almost has a sunburst pattern on it. This watch has the serial number 124XXX engraved between the top lugs, and the 6152 1 Reference number engraved between the lower lugs.

The photos below show this beauty from both side views of the case. The first image below shows the 8MM Rolex BREVET winding crown. Keep in mind that Rolex made this watch  for Panerai, which explains why the winding crown has the Rolex five-finger hand winding crown.

From a design perspective, this watch is outrageously beautiful in its simplicity. The 1940s watch case was super-streamlined in every way, yet very masculine. The case is almost identical to the 6152 which has the "Tight Seal Device", but it has the Rolex Brevet winding crown instead.

In my personal opinion, the only vintage Panerai watch ever made, that is more beautiful that this, is the super-iconic Radiomir Panerai Reference 6154 "Small Egiziano" which was made for the Egyptian Navy. The Panerai 6152/1 and the Panerai 6154 are remarkably similar in case design, but the 6154 is skinnier and even more streamlined that the 6152/1.

The photo below shows the 12 sided case-back which has the original Italian Royal Navy Military Issue Number engraving which reads "S.M.Z" on the first line, and "M.M. 103" on the bottom.

The next image below shows the Panerai 6152/1 with the case-back removed, and it appears to have a movement cover which may have been designed to improve anti-magnetic performance.

In the next photo below, we see the 17 Ruby Mechanical Rolex Movement, which is remarkably simple, sturdy, accurate, and durable.

Pictured below we see the inside of the screw-out case back, which has twelve sides. Notice inside is says "Montres Rolex S.A., Geneva, Switzerland, Patented. Stainless Steel. Swiss Made. 6152 1.
One of the most interesting details that sets every single vintage Panerai apart, is how different the patina is, both on the dial and the hands. The unique patina on everywatch is unique and almost like a fingerprint.  This particular watch lume has not darkened or changed very much. The Arabic numeral markers are still bright white, which give the watch a precise, fresh look. The hans also look really cool.

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