Monday, March 31, 2014

Jason Priestley With Shenae Grimes from Beverly Hills 90210

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Jason Priestley 
With Shenae Grimes from Beverly Hills 90210
44MM Luminor Panerai 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Luminor Panerai: Reference 372

...Panerai Studio Shot Of The Day...

Luminor Panerai 
Reference PAM372

Dan took this photo of his Luminor Panerai, and it is one of my absolute favorite Panerai photos. Not only is the Panerai 372 my favorite model, but this photo perfectly captures the warmth and brilliance of the 372.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Italian Royal Navy Panerai

...Vintage Panerai Coolness...

Italian Royal Navy Panerai

This is about as old-school vintage Panerai as it gets! This is a very cool image of two Italian Royal Navy commandos, and the man pictured on the right, is wearing an original vintage Rolex made Panerai. He is standing next to a fellow Italian Royal Navy commando wearing a re-breather suit.

So which Panerai model is the man wearing in the photo above? I don't know for certain, but my best guess is that he was wearing a 3646, similar to the one pictured below, which was made the late 1930s. You can always learn much more about the history of Panerai by visiting my story named The Complete History Of Panerai.

Notice the vintage Panerai pictured above has its wire lugs welded to the case. This means that if you wanted to change the strap, you would have to not only cut of the old one, but you would have to sew the new one onto the watch!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

California Dial Radiomir Panerai

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California Dial Radiomir Panerai
47MM PAM00249

Kirby is a photographer based out of San Francisco and he took this great photo of his girlfriend sporting a Panerai PAM249, which has a California dial, and no dial designation.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Luminor Panerai 44MM PAM00112

...Panerai Lume Shot Of The Day...

Luminor Panerai 
44MM PAM00112

Claus in Denmark took this lume shot of his Luminor Panerai base PAM 112, which is a great looking watch!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Tony Robbins On Enjoying The Passage Of Time

...Time Quote Of The Day...

Tony Robbins
On Enjoying The Passage Of Time

Tony Robbins is probably the world's top motivational/life coach today, and he has written some deeply profound books on "how to awaken the giant within". Tony Robbins is pictured below wearing his Panerai Radiomir. The photo below shows Tony Robbins when he was the guest host on Piers Morgan Tonight.

Below, is the entire episode of Tony Robbins hosting the Piers Morgan Tonight show, and in this show he interviews the most interesting group of successful entrepreneur/businessmen, including Mark Cuban, Steve Wynn and T. Boone Pickens. The four men have an amazing conversation, and there is something really trippy about this video, in the sense that it is so weird to see these personalities interacting. Specifically, Tony Robbins, Mark Cuban, and Steve Wynn, are all men the have deeply inspired me with their entrepreneurial prowess, and to see them all talking together is fascinating. 

Time is emotion and life is finite duration, so it's amazing how long a minute can feel, or how short it can be–and it's all based on how much enjoyment you extract from your life. –Tony Robbins

So what model Panerai is Tony Robbins wearing? I can't see enough detail to confirm the exact model, but my best guess is he is wearing a Composite Radiomir PAM 504 (47MM) which is pictured below, or 505  Radiomir Panerai Black Seal (PAM505).

Friday, March 14, 2014

Panerai PAM00233 44MM Luminor Panerai GMT 8 Days

...Panerai Studio Shot Of The Day...

Traveller's Panerai PAM00233
44MM Luminor Panerai GMT 8 Days

Traveller took these stunning photos of his Panerai PAM 233 GMT 8 Days, which is one beautiful and innovative watch. The watch has an 8 day power reserve, and I love this brown 24/24/4 strap.

The macro image below shows not only the pin hole, but if you look closely you will notice a perpendicular hole inside the lug that has a spring loaded tooth protruding into it. This is part of Panerai's Patented Quick-Change system, which is extremely innovative.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Nicole Kidman Cover Of Elle Magazine

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Nicole Kidman
Cover Of Elle Magazine

Luminor Marina Destro
Reference PAM000056

Nicole Kidman is pictured below wearing a Panerai PAM88

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Bronzo Goes Swimming

...Panerai Underwater Wrist Shot Of The Day...

Bronzo Goes Swimming

H2 took this photo of his Bronzo while swimming underwater, and this is a great wrist shot!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Panerai Egiziano

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Arnold Schwarzenegger
60MM Radiomir Panerai Egiziano

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the most famous people who no only wears Panerai watches, but was also one of the first, and his Panerai history is intertwined with his great pal, Sylvester Stallone.  Arnold is pictured below a few decades ago wearing an original Pre-V Panerai.

When Arnold Schwarzenneger was the Governor of the state of California, he started rocking a Panerai Egiziano, which is pictured below on his wrist.

In this recent video Arnold is doing shtick with some funny dudes, and he is wearing his Panerai Egiziano.

2009 Panerai [Reference PAM00341] 60MM
Radiomir Panerai Dial Designation
8 Giorni Brevettato [8 Days Patented]
500 Examples Made Available To Public

I mentioned earlier in the story that Arnold is close pals with Sly Stallone, and in the photo below we see Sylvester Stallone sporting his Radiomir Panerai Eginziano.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Panerai Luminor

...Panerai Studio Shot Of The Day...

Panerai Luminor
Reference PAM00127

Jacques Daughters Rockin' Panerai

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Jacques Daughters Rockin' Panerai

Jacques took the photo below of his daughters wearing Panerai watches which is seriously cute!!!