Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Maria Wearing My Panerai PAM 372

...Panerai Hotness...

Maria Wearing My Panerai
PAM 372

My friend Maria, is pictured below wearing my Panerai PAM 372, which she is madly in love with, and plans to soon get one for herself. I actually met Maria through Jake's Panerai World, as she is a reader and wrote in and mentioned she lives in San Francisco. Maria mentioned she was thinking about getting a Panerai 372, so I let her try mine on a several times, but getting it back from her is not so easy...

In the photo below we see how great the Panerai OEM 26/26/4 Ranger strap looks on Maria (she is buying some SuzieCakes Cupcakes for desert). I must admit I was a little surprised at how amazing the 372 looked on Maria, who is 5'8 and has smaller wrists. Methinks the 372 is Trés Chic on Maria, so watch out fellas, cause I think the ladies are going to quickly be doing the same thing they did with wearing men's Rolex watches. Oh, well!?!?! It was nice while it lasted ;-)

Ironically, Maria said she was looking for photos of women wearing a Panerai 372, when she landed on Jake's Panerai World, and she was disappointed not to find any, which explains why I took and am publishing these shots. There is no better way to judge what a watch may look like on your wrist than to see a photo of such.

Below is the text from Maria's original email to me: 

Hello Jake,

I found your blog while doing research on watches.  I have completely fallen in love with the Panerai372 with it’s minimalist classic dial which is reminiscent of the Golden Era of Hollywood (I’m a silver screen enthusiast).  For this reason I am in search of the Panerai372, my only question, is this timepiece too large for a woman?  I am 5’8” and am fond of men’s watches. I am looking for a watch dealer and live San Francisco.  Is there a Panerai store in San Francisco?  

Thank you for your help if any, it is much appreciated.  Your blog was very informative and entertaining."


It has been said so many times before, that Panerai people are somehow cut from the same cloth (read: Paneristi), and the same is true with people who wear Rolex. In other words, if you meet somebody who is wearing a Panerai, you are almost guaranteed to have an instant friend for life, and obviously Panerai and Rolex watches are as great of a conversation piece as they are timepieces.

Below is a photo Maria took of my PAM 372 on her right wrist, Steve McQueen Style.

I think Wiley needs to do a version of his song titled, "Wearing My Rolex" named "Wearing My Panerai."

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