Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Note from Jake Introducing Maria

A Note from Jake


Panerai From A Woman's Perspective
by Maria

Hi Everybody! I am excited to introduce you to a new member of Jake's Panerai World writing team, and her name is Maria. Maria is a dyed in the wool Panerai fanatic of the highest order! As a matter of fact, Maria was originally a reader of Jake's Panerai World, and she wrote in to ask my opinion on the Panerai model I wear, which is a PAM372. Maria was thinking about purchasing a PAM 372 for herself and had questions about it. Since Maria also lives in San Francisco, we got together in person and she tried on my PAM 372, and loved it, and plans to buy one soon!

I was shocked at how passionate Maria was about Panerai watches, and since we met, we have been talking quite a bit and exchanging ideas and information about Panerai watches. I noticed when she and I talk about Panerai, she offered a completely different and fascinating female perspective that is fun, unique and refreshing, so I asked he if she would consider blogging on Jake's Panerai World, and she agreed. 

The story below is Maria's first story, and I have to say I am amazed at how insightful her perspective is. I think I have met my match, in the sense I wouldn't be surprised by a male Paneristi who shared my passion and enthusiasm for the brand, but, I was shocked and stunned to run into a woman who does. So please join me is offering a warm welcome to Maria, who will be sharing her insight and passion on Panerai, from a woman's perspective!!!

I believe Maria sharing her insight and perspective will be invaluable and insightful, to get women more engaged and interested in collecting beautiful mechanical watches. Let's face reality, the days of men's and women's watches are pretty much gone. It has been a permanent trend for women to wear men's watches, and women often times wear them differently than men, in the sense they wear them a little more like a bracelet. On a personal note, I have always thought there is nothing sexier than women wearing men's watches...

In the future Maria will also be offering her thoughts on different ways for women to accessorize their Panerai by dressing it up or down.

Maria's first story covers the PAM 518 which I first saw earlier this year when Panerai introduced it at SIHH in Geneva, Switzerland. I am certain you will love Maria's coverage of this stunningly beautiful Panerai watch!



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