Friday, September 28, 2012

Human Torpedo Documentary

Italian Royal Navy 
Human Torpedo Documentary
By The U.S. Chief Of Naval Operations
World War II

In October of 1945, The United States Chief Of Naval Operations presented this video documentary produced by the O.S.S. (Office of Strategic Services) and the Bureau of Aeronautics, named German and Italian Sneak Craft. The first video is showcases the Italian Human Torpedo. The second and third video show the fascinating documentary.

The next 7 images are screen shots I took from the U.S. Navy documentary seen above. The first two images show the Italian Human Torpedo, which was also commonly referred to as a Pig, Hog, Chariot,  Slow Speed Torpedo, and Maiali.

German Kampfschwimmer's 
Wearing Panerai Watches

The next 5 photos show a German Kampfschwimmer's wearing Panerai watches during World War II. You can tell they are German because their diving suits have shoelace like eyelet holes running down their arms.

This next O.S.S. image is of the same German Kampfschwimmer pictured above, and it shows him with his frontal oxygen tank, and breathing cable dangling in front of him. You can see he is not only wearing a Panerai watch over his diving suit, on his left wrist, but he is also wearing a Panerai Underwater compass, or metric depth guage on his right wrist.

In the photo below we see five German Kampfschwimmer's preparing to dive, and notice they are all wearing Panerai wrist watches.

In this next image, we see a German Kampfschwimmer in the water and he is wearing a Panerai on his left wrist.

This last image is interesting because it shows a German Kampfschwimmer wearing a Panerai while piloting a mini submarine during World War II.

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