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Sir Sean Connery

...Panerai Super-Coolness...

Sir Sean Connery
Panerai Reference PAM00190 @ The 2012 U.S. Open

Sir Sean Connery attended the 2012 U.S. Tennis Open to root for his fellow Scotsman, Andy Murray who went on to win the U.S. Open Tennis Championship for men's singles. In the photos below we see Sir Sean Connery sporting his Panerai PAM00190. 

Sir Sean Connery
The "Original" James Bond

What is more classic than Sean Connery and Panerai! Of course, Sean Connery is most famous for playing the original James Bond...and as Carly Simon sang, "Nobody does it better." 

So what is the big deal about Sean Connery wearing his Panerai in the photos above? Sean Connery is renowed or, should I say revered, for wearing his Rolex Submariner when he debuted as James Bond in Nr. No., thus it is supremely profound that he ended up, in his eighties, wearing Panerai.

I have written extensively about the James Bond Rolex Story on Jake's Rolex World, and I wrote a fascinating super-detailed thirteen-part story named "The Complete History Of James Bond Watches, Including ALL Watches Worn In All James Bond Movies–The Definative Guide."

The photo below of Sir Sean Connery shows him raging like a Rock Star in the Bahamas, while sporting his Radiomir Panerai PAM 190. This photo was taken by Wheaton at the annual party Sir Sean Connery and his wife have every year for their friends.

Toshi took the Photos below which shows the same Panerai Reference model Sean Connery is wearing.

The reverso, of the the Panerai PAM 190 has a sapphire crystal that shows the beautiful 8 Day movement, and in the upper right hand corner we see the 8 Days Power Reserve Indicator. 

In case (pun not intended) you are not familiar with the 8 Days model, it is a manual-wind watch, and when it is completely wound, its mainspring can store enough energy to keep the watch going for 8 days straight, thus the Power Reserve Indicator shows how many days of stored energy are in reserve. 

In the photo below, we see it has just over 6 days of power reserve left, which means it will keep going for 8 days without needing to be wound.

The Panerai PAM 190 was offered as a limited edition from 2004 to 2006, with Panerai only making 2050 units total, and it has a movement made by Jaeger-LeCoultre. In 2004 Panerai made 500 examples or this model with the G Series designation, and in 2005 they made 1000 unites with the "H" Series designation, and in 2006, they made 500 examples of this watch, with the "I" Series designation.

The PAM00268 replaced the PAM00190 in 2007, and the new model added the 8-Day Panerai movement, which placed the 8-Day Power Reserve indicator on the front of the watch on the dial.

This next photo below shows a Panerai PAM00190 on the same Panerai OEM strap that Sir Sean Connery is wearing in the photos above. The PAM 190 is 45MM in diameter and has wired lugs which can be removed with a very small screwdriver, when you want to change the strap.

This next photo, taken by Krieng  show what the lume pattern looks like when its glowing on the PAM 190. Notice on the seconds sub dial how only the 15, 30, 45 and 60 second markers are lumed.

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